How to Engage Attendees with an Event App

The event app has revolutionised attendee engagement through its different features. If you have already invested in this type of mobile technology, it is important that you follow some steps for your attendees to enjoy maximum engagement before, during, and after your event. Find three tips below to improve the overall experience of your attendees with an event app. Reading through would be particularly helpful if you are maximising the potentials of your current event platform.

  1. Let them know that the event app exists.

Many event organisers have started to use the event app for all their events. However, the most common setback that happens is that not all attendants are even aware that the event application exists! It is important to heavily market the existence of this app. One way to do it is by sending an email to all registered attendees that they can download the app to their mobile devices. Ideally, an Android and iOS version should be released since these are the two most common operating systems running on smartphones and tablets today.

  1. Integrate Q&A, Polling and Gamification into the app.

Since the events industry has shifted to an experiential approach in event planning, various activities should be introduced to the event where attendees can participate. The most common features of the event app that supports this concept are Q&A, polling, and gamification. Q&A and polling can be used when speakers of an event would want to acquire data straight from the event participants. Through the mobile app, attendees can ask questions to the speakers as well as answer live polls during an event. On the other hand, gamification is a relatively new concept where attendees can literally “play” through the app for a livelier event atmosphere.

  1. Provide networking tools.

Lastly, you must not forget to provide networking opportunities to your attendees in any event. This is one of the major reasons why attendees even come to an event in the first place. Through the event app, your attendees can create meaningful interactions with other people through features like in-app messaging and matchmaking solutions. It is also important to encourage attendees to initiate networking by letting them know that they can message other people before the event – or even arrange meetings with them through matchmaking.

Those are only some of the ways by which you can support a more engaging environment for your attendees. If you would like to find out about more event management solutions, read more about the conference management software.

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