Essential Guide to Event Trends 2020

Essential Guide to Event Trends 2020 1

Wait is over! Essential Guide to 2020 Event Trends. Still remember the fireworks welcoming the 2019, how quickly it just passed! Event Planners must be scratching their heads what trends 2020 will crack up with? Are we quick at predicting?

For me, I assume planning beforehand leads us to step in the new decade fully laced up.

The curated guide to event trends that may find supreme importance in 2020 falls below.


Hair-line Details

Everyone admires the luxurious details in an event, and that shall continue in 2020. Each attendee wants to have an individual focus on their needs. Providing tailor-made provisions allows the audience to feel connected and involved in the theme of the event.

Past Collected data shall let you decide what activities the audience likes. Usage of apps for data-driven activities shall increase, putting both the attendees and event managers in a win-win situation. The dedicated apps compares the data with the activities, and assist in deciding what kind of activities to play for the targeted audience.

How relevant it feels when the email begins with your name?

Send custom made resources to the attendees who may have selected the field of their interest, thus assisting them to become a significant participant in the event.

Break-out sessions verify the inclusion, yet it feels overwhelming with the abundance of sessions. Let your attendee’s privilege the tailored break-through sessions, as per their needs. Attendees may choose from the list of agendas the event holds, and select the appropriate for them.

Reduce Carbon-Footprint

Since the world has eyes on the sustainability of the atmosphere, play your part by using plastic-free catering. This impact acts as a common cause, so audience feel themselves a contributor in sustaining a healthy environment.

Increased up haul in Security

Event managers should keep in mind that on-site crisis management seems to increase manifold in 2020, providing actual recovery of any crisis, yet communicating it to the attendees makes or breaks the event.

One can never think how much emphasis one need to put in cyber-security. Event managers should pay primary focus on the protection of the personal data.

On-site security shall sustain as a vital factor in determining the physical security.

Virtual Every Where

Along with the Virtual Aids, events shall need to plan virtually. Use virtual meeting to allocate the venue, conduct meetings to clients, and talking to staff/vendors virtually, peaking up the productivity.

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