5 Features of a Highly Functional Event Check In App

If you are an event organiser, you may be having doubts if you need an event check in app or not. Do not let uncertainties get the best of you because your predicament requires very little thought. Technology is the best solution if you would want to have an efficient check-in process during your event!


There is no reason why you have to stick to simple online tools like Google Drive when you can simply use a specialised check in app that was designed specifically for the check in process. If you are organising a big event, it’s not even a question on why you should invest in a check in app; it’s simply a matter of choosing the best app for your event. You would not want your event to suffer from delays because hordes of people are queueing up at the entrance, right? You may also want to delve into one process before proceeding: event sign up.

Here are 7 features of a good event check in app that you should take note of:

  1. Web-based apps for event check in

It is important that apps for event check in are based on the web for you to have instant access to your database at any time. This keeps you and your team members synced to the same data as long as all of you are connected to the internet. Most applications would save changes right away and reflect these changes in all associated devices. This is contrary to a desktop-based or offline check in app which is meant for individual users. Therefore, it is a good idea to have an event check in app with an event registration software.

  1. Bar code scanner in event check-in apps

Why would you need a bar code scanner in event check-in apps? Tickets for large events with hundreds to thousands of attendees are usually produced with bar codes for easier identification. Through mobile applications such as the check in app, it is no longer necessary for you to purchase a separate barcode scanner. You may simply use the camera of your mobile devices! You just have to activate the code scanner through the app and guide the camera to read the code. Voila, your attendees are checked in in a matter of seconds.

To know more about this feature, read more about the event planning app.

  1. VIP notifications through an iPad event check in app

An iPad event check in app should accommodate VIP notifications. In any paid event, there are attendees who pay more to get the best seating block or to get more perks from your event. These customers should be given preferential treatment and it would be difficult to pull that off if you are not even aware that they are already in your venue. A high-quality check in app notifies you and your team members once VIP guests have arrived. This allows your staff to usher them into their designated seats or give them welcome drinks.

  1. Badge printing with a mobile event check in app 

In many conferences, badge printing is an important component of the check-in process which is why this should be a top feature of a mobile event check in app. Your attendees may be classified per delegate type and they should have a badge with them for specific event functions. A modern event check in app can be connected to wireless printers such that after checking in an attendee, you are able to print badges on the spot. This is particularly helpful if you have a huge volume of attendees coming to your event.

  1. Manage your attendee list using an an event check in app Android

It is important that you can manage your attendee list using an event check in app Android. You should be able to manually confirm guests through the check in app instead of using the QR code scanner the whole time. For example, if your attendee has lost his ticket or is not able to retrieve it from his email, you can simply ask for an identification card and confirm his attendance through the software. If you have simultaneous events going on during the same week, the app should also let you manage the guest list per event.

In Conclusion

Whether you are organising small or big events, arming yourself with events technology is a smart move in today’s highly competitive events industry. A check in app, along with some other products may phenomenally help you in terms of reaching your targets and goals per event. These solutions also improve your attendees’ experience for you to build good brand reputation. Lastly, it would be best if you explore the topic more regarding online event registration.